Friday, September 3, 2021

The Teachings Of Jesus Christ And The Democratic Platform Are Completely At Odds

Below is the episode of the Anchor Team that aired a few hours ago.  I urge all to watch it.  Truth be told, I've seem several people who were staunchly pro-life who embraced some of the liberal tenets of the Democrats.  They have wavered quite a bit in their commitment to the babies.  In their support of Biden, Clinton and other pro-abortion Democrats, they may have endangered their immortal souls.

Hichborn and Maughan draw some distinctions between the Democrats and the Republicans.  I'm rather surprised they didn't touch on the news from Texas.  The US Supreme Court let stand Texas' "heartbeat bill" that took effect today.  It was a 5-4 decision.  During his time in office, President Trump named 3 of those 5 to the Supreme Court.  There are babies alive today because of those nominations.  Would they have escaped abortionists' clutches had Hillary been in the White House?  I think we all know the answer to that.

They do a reasonably good job in explaining Americanism.  I wish they had spent more time in dispelling erroneous notions of Americanism that are found among some traditional Catholics.  I might delve into that another time.  Here is the video.


  1. No Catholic can support or vote for this party of Satan!

  2. Fr. Altman said it in a video last year before the 'election'....YOU CAN'T BE CATHOLIC AND VOTE DEMOCRAT...

    1. Yes, and we see what happened to him. The USCCB is a socialist lobbying group also known as the democratic party at prayer.

    2. To whom or what do they pray, inquiring minds might ask?


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