Sunday, September 19, 2021

What's Up With March For Life?

Nellie Gray, founder and long-time president of National March for Life, passed away in 2012.  During her tenure at MFL, she ensured that her organization stayed true to the teachings of her Catholic Faith.  When I attended the Traditional Latin Mass at St Mary's just outside the Chinatown area in DC, Nellie was always there.  That to me was a clear indication that Nellie would never waver one iota from the Catholic nature of MFL's mission.  One of her key Life Principles that she gave to National March for Life was "not even a little bit of abortion".

Shortly after her death, I got a whiff of things amiss at MFL.  There was talk of making the March "appealing to young people" (as if there weren't already thousands of young people at the marches), making me believe that personnel selections would be influenced by that consideration.  It did seem to me that MFL might have been "going soft" on its principles, although at the time I couldn't substantiate my opinion, save for one incident of "seamless garment" garbage finding its way onto the rally stage.  Last year, when the leadership decided not to have the march out of fear of covid-cooties, I realized that my suspicions weren't just baseless paranoia.  Not since the March's founding had an annual march ever been cancelled until 2021.

Last October Louie Verrecchio released a video detailing how the Knights of Columbus seem to be adopting what is essentially a pro-abortion excuse.  An important aside - I mean this in no way to be a rebuke to the millions of "rank-and-file" Knights throughout the country, many of whom pray in front of abortuaries and exercise their laudable pro-life apostolates.  However, I suggest that they be aware of what "supreme" is doing and saying.  

I found evidence of the cozy relationship between the Knights and March for Life on MFL's webpage; apparently the two organizations are swapping board officers - often a clear indication of close relationships and common control.  In the video below, Verrecchio mentions sources to which the video links.  You can access them by clicking the "youtube" at the bottom right corner of the vide.  That takes you to the clip's home page and to the linked material.

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