Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Freedom For Me But Not For Thee

Catholic News Agency informs us that Slovakian authorities are relaxing their Covid restrictions a bit to allow more Catholics to see Pope Francis when he visits there next week.  Now isn't that interesting?  Is Covid somehow supposed to be less deadly during those three days of the pope's visit?  When he leaves, will Covid resume its alleged deadliness?

Consider that the pope is what the so-called "experts" call an especially vulnerable person.  He's elderly, he just had major surgery and he only has one lung.  Moreover, he's a world leader.  Why, one might think that the Vatican progressives would be very solicitous to protect him from that deadly plague!  Or ... maybe that plague isn't all that deadly after all?

Hey - if the pope can hobnob with his adoring fans, why cannot ordinary people shop and go to church without those submission-trainers known as masks?  Ladies and gentlemen, if this little stunt by the Slovakians and the Vatican doesn't show what a pile of manure this vax-and-mask schtick is, it's only because people want to be deceived and enslaved.  Recall that sin darkens the intellect and weakens the will.  Don't we see that in those shrieking for more mandates and more poisonous medications?  Wake up!

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  1. Sure hope the Pope doesn’t come down with the holy virus as a result!


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