Thursday, September 2, 2021

Poop Video For Sept 2021 Urges Servitude To Mother Earth Idol

Below is the Poop Video for September 2021.  As he lays aside his propaganda campaign for the ingestion of the sinful corona vaccines, he resumes another topic from what I call the "new world punch list", that is, 

  1. Twisting centuries of Catholic theology in an attempt to quash the death penalty
  2. Gun control and nuclear disarmament, as if evil people would divest themselves of their weapons
  3. "Immigration reform", thinly-veiled language for removal of national boundaries
  4. Environmentalism, climate-change hysteria - whatever they want to call their de facto earth-worship
  5. Racism, unless it's directed at Caucasians
  6. Socialism disguised as poverty-elimination 
Today's topic is number four.  Note some things.
  • Right off the bat, he holds young people up to be paragons of virtue.  In so doing, he slyly encourages them to look with disdain on their parents and other elders who might protect them from progressive manipulation.
  • Notice the words "environmentally sustainable lifestyle".  Hmm..  Where, oh where, have we seen that word "sustainable" in the past?
  • Then he starts to yammer about us needing to live "simply".  Who decides what is "simple"?  The One World Government?  Notice how the phrase "environmentally sustainable lifestyle" is flashed at the viewer every now and then?  Subliminal suggestion much?
I challenge you to suffer through watch this thing several times to see how many times he utters the words:
  • God
  • Jesus Christ
  • Sin
  • Sacraments
  • The four last things (death, judgment, heaven, hell)
  • Church

So how many times were those words mentioned?  That's right!  Zero-zip-nada!  So of whom is the pope the vicar?  Of Mother Earth?  Gaia? Pachamama?  

Sadly the pope has kindred spirits with many of the bishops.  The Archbishop of Dublin issued a "pastoral letter" last week regarding the "climate catastrophe".  My!  Such a coincidence that this Poop Video and this pastoral letter both came out the same week!  

Ireland was once a staunchly Catholic country, but no more.  They legalized both baby-slaughter and same-sex marriage while banning attendance at Mass because, well, covid!  With so much spiritual havoc being wreaked on that country and on local Catholics, one of their key shepherds issues a 64-page screed on "ecological conversion"?

By the way - 64 pages??  For shame, archbishop!  How many poor, defenseless trees had to be chopped down so that paper could be wasted on your envirowhacko blather?   The name of that tome is "Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor".  No, Your Excellency!  The earth doesn't cry.  Please cease your personification and idolatry of the earth.

For those still inclined to take this new-age idolatry seriously just because its proponents wear miters, it is high time to cease the papalotry and stand for Jesus and His Traditions.


  1. Best line- he says WE will no longer be here.

  2. Bergoglio an imposter, heretic. Pray for the true Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI. Anyone who still believes this guy is Pope after all the evidence to the contrary, truly needs their head examined.

    1. Why is it so hard for people to believe that we can have a pope who is bad? To say "because this man does wicked things he cannot be the pope" isn't Catholic. Didn't Benedict do something bad by running away? Wouldn't that mean he's not pope too? So then you'd be saying we have no pope at all because they both did bad things. Just as you can have a wicked and corrupt idiot running America, so too can you have one running the Catholic Church, because God is permitting it for our chastisement.

  3. No one is arguing that Bergoglio isn't the pope because he "does bad things." In order to "do bad things" as the pope, he would have to be validly elected in the first place. God's permissive will doesn't make a man pope, either; adherence to the specifications of UD Gregis does. At least try to address the right question.

  4. Bergoglio is an anti-pope put in the seat of Peter by WORLD FREEMASONRY. "Pope Francis" has his allegiance to freemasonry and the godless NEW WORLD ORDER. Bergoglio belongs to The Saint Fallen mafia which is the branch of freemasonry inside the Church. Pope Benedict XVI had enemies in the Church and he suffered a COUP D'ETAT because he adhered to Church Law. The masonic Cardinals want the message that Bergoglio spreads because they do not believe in the real Catholic Church. They want a new Church fused into the NEW WORLD ORDER of Freemasonry.


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