Thursday, September 16, 2021

Taylor Marshall On Pope Francis' Eastern Europe Trip

Taylor Marshall, in the podcast below, examines various aspects of yet another abysmal plane interview given by Pope Francis on his return from eastern Europe.  As an aside, I'll highlight some new terms: "cootie-jab".  Marshall coined this and it just might bypass the obnoxious and ubiquitous "fact-checkers" of Facebook.  The second one is from someone commenting on the video on the you tube page.  He asked, "since Pope Francis supports the jab, can he be called Poke Francis"?  Hmmm... 


  1. Can this ignorant slob who masquerades as a Pope ever say anything Catholic?

  2. "Everyone at the Vatican has been vaccinated, except a small group who is being 'assisted.'" "Assisted?" Ve have vays to assist you to get vaccinated!

  3. I just read on another Catholic site that indeed Cardinal Burke HAD taken the kill shot.


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