Saturday, September 11, 2021

Soul-Killing Tyrants On The Prowl

We seem to be having a spate of leaders, CINO leaders at that, playing the irascible tyrants and attempting to grind underfoot the people whom they are charged to serve.  Two months ago, it was Pope Francis with his Traditionis Custodes.  Even those not inclined to attend the Traditional Latin Mass - and some liberals, too - could not help but notice the sheer venom and vitriol embodied in that document.  In holding us in contempt, the pope seems to be evincing contempt for Our Lord.  Much prayer is needed.

Then two days ago, President Plugs issued his tin-horn-tyrant dictatorial screed.  He dropped all pretenses of civility as he outright threatened the livelihoods of private citizen who object to having the cells of poor murdered children injected into their own bodies.  He threatened private employers who refuse to carry out his petty dictates.  The video below is prima facie evidence of the progressives' contempt for those who would disagree with their great reset goals.  

Listen for yourselves.  Then understand that in both cases, we will need to engage in civil disobedience to unjust orders.  I will elaborate at another time.  Suffice it to say for now that I don't think the timing of these two draconian attacks upon us was any coincidence; it has the smell of a coordinated strategy.


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