Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Pope Francis Calls EWTN "The Work Of The Devil"

How many remember various sit-coms that featured a manipulative mother/mother-in-law who was always complaining about how close she came to death's door and how no one appreciated her?  That's what this recent exchange between the pope and some of his fellow Jesuits calls to mind.  In Slovakia last week, a Jesuit priest asked him how he was.  The pope replied, "still alive, even though some people wanted me to die".  The poor priest got quite the earful.  "Drama queen" are the words that come to mind.  Did Pope John Paul II carry on like that after he was shot?  I don't recall him doing so.

  • He railed against EWTN (albeit not by name) for "speaking ill of the pope".  He called them the "work of the devil".  Funny!  I seem to recall him asking "who am I to judge"?  Hmm...
  • He said of young priests seeking permission to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, "it is a phenomenon, that indicates we are going backwards"..."This is the evil of this moment - namely, to seek the path in rigidity and clericalism, which are two perversions".
  • He complained that "it frightens us to accompany people with sexual diversity", urging the Jesuits to "go forward in pastoral experiences."
So from the last two bullet points, can we gather that he thinks those of us who attend the Traditional Latin Mass are perverts, while sodomites are simply "diverse"?  If he thinks that the latter need "accompanying", these "pastoral experiences" better include the Sacrament of Confession for the sake of all involved.

Below I'll post a video of a Traditional Latin Mass that took place two days ago.  Fr. Chad Ripperger gave the homily and spoke about Traditionis Custodes.  He linked this to modernism, and mentioned that a key feature of modernism is its hatred of the sacred.  I regret to say that he nails it when it comes to how the pope is simply railing against the Mass of the Ages at every opportunity.  Go to the 33-minute mark where Father's sermon starts.  I will say I differ with him when he opines that we should "be silent".  St Catherine of Siena lamented such silence, blaming that in part for the condition of the papacy in her day.  We have to speak and shed the light so that others aren't led astray.  Of course we pray and offer sacrifices, but these alone will not suffice.  Ora et labora.


  1. So? According the the second bullet point, Pachamama ISN'T "going backwards", then? Pachamama is an example of going forward into the future, devoid of rigidity and clericalism?

  2. I was among those who hoped that the Pope would not survive his hospital visit.

  3. I agree with you that Fr. Ripperger should not being tell people to be quiet. He could have emphasized that one should be respectful and not vitriolic, but the lay people definitely have to speak out and take some form of action. Silence only communciates consent.
    This is the reason why there is so much evil in the Church today, faithful Catholics have tolerated it and refused to speak out and supported corrupt bishops and pastors with their donations. While we have corrupt bishops and priests and even a questionalble pope, the real fault lies with the vast majority of the laity who consented to this evil and corruption with their silence.


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