Saturday, July 3, 2010

Catholic Investigative Agency - Part 2

A few months ago, I published a link to a special series done by Real Catholic TV, called "Catholic Investigative Agency".  A new installment is now available.  Since it's too long for youtube, it needs to be viewd on their site at this link.  It is approximately 90 minutes long, but well worth the time investment.

In this segment, Michael Voris explores the deliberate attempts of the progressive types to further infiltrate the Catholic Church for the express purpose of compromising and watering down her teachings on morals.  Note carefully a few things:
  • Voris points out that Catholic moral teaching, as found in all Papal documents from Leo XIII onward, makes clear that the focus is on the individual and not some "collective".  I'll elaborate more on that later - but let's note the fact that we're now in the Independence Day weekend.  The two are related.
  • He delves a bit into the backgrounds of the founders of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG).  I've blogged a bit on this problematic outfit.  Despite their claims of "non-partisanship", they are very "partisan", as in the "Party of Death" (Archbishop Burke's very accurate term for the Democrats).
  • He delves into the writings of CACG's chairman, Alfred M. Rotondaro.  I went to the newsmeat website and found his campaign contributions.  See for yourself here.  Recipients include Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Patrick Leahy, Bob Casey Jr., Mary Landrieu, John Edwards - the usual cabal.  Here is a link pertaining to the article about which Voris spoke, and here's the link to the orginal Huffington Post article.
  • A founder of CACG is Tom Periello, a pro-abort congressperson from Virginia (oh, I forgot!  Rotondaro contributed to him, too).  Guess how he voted on the Obama Hell Bill?
  • Another board member is Tom Chabolla.  Does that name sound familiar?  Reminder - he's high up in the SEIU.  That's the union that supplied many of the thugs that trampled all over the private property of the Bank of America official, terrorizing the minor child.  I guess that's their version of "the common good".
  • A major funder is (surprise!) George Soros.  He funded a lot of the legal push, if you recall, to further the legalized murder of Terri Schiavo.  He wrote a book called The Age of Fallibility, in which he said, "the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States".  I suppose we could get the book, but really - he shouldn't get any more royalties from that crap.
  • As I said in the first bullet, we celebrate this weekend the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  This document, along with the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, focus on the rights of the individual person as being bestowed upon him/her by God.  We see in this current administration, headed by the Messiah Most Miserable, a push towards subsuming the individual into a "collective".  I'd recommend a book that delves much into that, along with the psychologicial anomalies that warp common sense into a "progressive" mentality.  The book is: The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H Rossiter, Jr, M.D.  I got mine from Worldnet Daily, but I'm sure it can be acquired elsewhere.

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