Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Auschwitz In Maryland?

Many of us over the past week or two have become acquainted with the situation in Marion County, Oregon.  News broke that the Covanta Marion "waste to energy" plant has been incinerating the bodies of aborted babies to produce electricity.  The babies' bodies have been coming from British Columbia.  After LifeSiteNews broke the story that week, the Marion County Board of Commissioners called a halt to the activity and promises an investigation.

Breitbart News put out an article showing where Covanta justifies the grisly practice as a means "to offset greenhouse gases to combat climate change".  Here is the page from Covanta's site.

The Covanta "waste-to-energy" facilities are scattered throughout the country.  There's one in Dickerson MD.  That's in Montgomery County, on Route 28 between Sugarloaf Mountain and the Potomac River.  The precise address of the Covanta is on this page, with email information as well.  Marylanders, why not contact this Covanta and ask them what they're burning in their generators?

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