Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Annapolis Planned Parenthood Sends Woman To Hospital

From Operation Rescue (with video).  This happened Oct 4, 2016.

Apparently this is not the first time this particular abortuary sent a woman to the hospital.  The first known incident happened this past January.  It should be noted that this mill failed an inspection three years ago, yet the corrupt state of Maryland allows it to continue its bloody business.

Two things to consider:
  • Your presence is needed out there.  We'd never have known about this had it not been for vigilant activists out there.  Moreover, you may well be able to prevent an abortion and save a baby.
  • First, this blog is not a tax-exempt organization and thus is not bound by any Johnson-amendment gag contrivance.  Your vote for Trump is critical in stopping Hillary's ascent to the White House.  Should she prevail, these scenarios will become everyday occurrences.

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