Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Poop Video - Journalism

St. Corbinian's Bear has commentary that I largely echo.  It seems that the pope wants all journalists to emulate that lovable clown crew known as the Vatican Press Office.  You remember them, right?  In the early days of this pontificate, they were the favorite scapegoats of the "Pope Francis Fan Club with Rose Colored Glasses".  It was the VPO that was to blame for all those (ahem!) "faulty" translations of papal gaffes. I never did hear of any major reform of that office.  Isn't that odd??

Along with CNS, I'm sure the pope would like journalists to emulate America and the Not-at-all Catholic Reporter.  These days they all wax lyrical about "gods of surprises" and anything-goes "mercy".  As the Bear says, some of us don't tow that line; you'll see quite a few of those on my right side bar.  In all seriousness, it is we who are trying to cut through the flim-flam to shine the light on cockroaches.

Here is the video.  Too bad it isn't lent, for the watching of this might constitute an act of lenten mortification.  Again, what is with all those actors just turning around and grinning into the camera?  Also notice that there is not one mention of the Church or even Jesus Christ.  Is that weird or what???

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