Saturday, October 8, 2016

Stand With Faithful Catholics Of Nashville TN

Note: What I am about to relate is a scenario that will become more and more common in Catholic schools and parishes.  It is an expected consequence of Amoralis Lamentia.  Last July we reported on a particularly lurid piece of pornography promulgated by the Vatican Pontifical Council for the Family called the "Meeting Point", a euphemism for "sex education".  My post, and the linked LifeSiteNews report, point out many ways in which this program is a slap in the face to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

This past summer several Church officials from around the world authored and signed a letter asking the pope to condemn the errors of Amoris Laetitia.  In this post of mine is a video of pro-life and Catholic leaders asking the same; some ask for the complete withdrawal of Amoris Laetitia.   A few days ago GloraTV announced that some of the signers are suffering repercussions for standing for the faith.  Hey!  Why aren't they being "accompanied"?  Double standard much??

This heavy-handedness is being manifested in the Diocese of Nashville Tennessee.  LifeSiteNews reports that parents of a student at Father Ryan High School were told in no uncertain terms that unless they ceased their objections with the lurid sex ed program there, their son could not return.  The bishop, David Choby basically stuck his finger in the parents' eyes.  While giving some perfunctory lip-service to parental rights, he then went on to say that these rights were subordinated to school demands.  The fact is that Church tradition has always held parental rights to be binding under natural law and that educators were there to support the parents.  Now the parents aren't being supported.  They are being undermined overtly, and are even being punished by a bishop who now stands in stark disobedience to Church teaching and natural law regarding the primacy of parents in the education of their children.

What the diocese is doing is a direct result of the document known as Amoris Laetitia.  Within the document itself are statements and footnotes that undermine parental authority.  Moreover, the abuse that the Nashville bishop is orchestrating against this family is very similar to the vindictiveness that is being unleashed against some of the signers of the letter.

The LifeSiteNews article, at the bottom, has contact information for the bishop and for school officials.  I ask all my readers to contact these individuals.  With respect but in no uncertain terms, please rebuke them for:
  • the vindictive punishment meted out to this family
  • their disrespect for the place that parents have in the education of their children
  • the existence of this pornography in the school
That is what we all can do.  Good Catholics in the Diocese of Nashville should rally around this family and decide on local courses of actions.  Boycotts of collections and pickets come to mind.  Don't be passive in the face of this evil, for if we are passive, we'll only encourage future outrages.


  1. I noticed that there is what looks like a Christian fish symbol with an Obama abstract thingy on your site. Do my eyes deceive me? How could a Catholic support Obama?!

    1. Look closely. You'll notice the fish has its mouth open, suggesting the eating of the Obama symbol.

  2. We faithful are on our own! There are a few good shepherds but in many places there are the bad, the weak, the heretic ones. We must keep our eyes on The Good Shepherd. Even the vicar of Christ is against the faithful.


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