Friday, October 28, 2016

Maryland Abortionist's License Revoked

Yes, it actually happened in the abortion-friendly state of Maryland. A few days ago, the Maryland Board of Physicians revoked the license of Harold Alexander.  He's been featured on this blog in previous years - here's an anthology of posts detailing his chequered career.  The happy news of the revocation comes courtesy of Operation Rescue.

Operation Rescue did much work in pushing Maryland to finally do the right thing; for that they are to be commended.  But make no mistake about this fact; had Anthony Brown won the gubernatorial election instead of Larry Hogan, Alexander would still be at liberty to continue his quackery-butcher business.  One of my earlier posts detailed the pro-abortion corruption that existed under Democrat governors.  Elections matter.  Moreover, this scenario illustrates that Republicans tend to be much more attune to moral concerns than do Democrats.  We need to bear that in mind as we vote - that means you, #nevertrumpers!

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