Sunday, October 2, 2016

David Haas, Gay-Shilling Dissident

Today's communion hymn was a diddy written by David Haas.  I refused to sing it.  Let me remind my readers of the reasons why.

Again, I'd advise readers to peruse the hymn selections during the few minutes before Mass, lest you find yourselves singing songs written by someone who is a dissident and possibly a pervert.

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  1. You are right to refuse to sing David Haas' songs. Presenting on liturgy and music at the 2017 "Catholic" Education Conference was David Haas. The contemporary composer made several troubling posts on Facebook last year, including one with an icon portraying homosexual predator Harvey Milk as a saint, and another critical of the Catholic bishops who have been vocally supportive of the Church’s teaching on sexuality.


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