Wednesday, October 12, 2016

GloriaTV - "None Of Cardinal-Designates Are Catholic"

Given what I wrote yesterday, I think GloraTV's point has valid basis.  In their video yesterday they supply information about the designates from other countries.  Thanks to Canon212 we have some additional information about the new cardinals of other countries.

The future cardinal of Madrid had these comments upon learning of his appointment (note: the translation from Spanish is rather awkward).  I do hope it was not he who said "the Catholic Church is the devil on earth" but rather someone else; I can't tell.   Later on he says we "are becoming the Church in a synodal Church, a church where we can all talk free, to make more credible the Church of Christ".  What is it about the "mystical Body of Christ" that confuses this soon-to-be prince of the Church?  Then he later says "criticism sometimes comes from people not want to move from his chair and that's bad".  So I suppose only some should "talk free", not those of us who want to preserve the Church's timeless traditions.

Today GloriaTV released another video delving into other designates.  The Wanderer carries an expose of Archbishop Josef De Kesel of Brussels Belgium, another designate. He favors married priests, women's ordination, and is sympathetic to sodomite conduct.

The GloriaTV clip points out some who weren't selected: Archbishop Chaput, Archbishop Gomez.  They have stood for marriage and morality.  Might that be the reason they were passed over?

I truly hope that by now the "rose-colored-glasses" crowd that crows "we just wuv our papa!" are fully awake as to what is happening before their very eyes.  Of course we must pray and act, but in order to do so, we must face the ills of the church without attempting to put "positive spins" on the truth.


  1. You can bet the Vatican is lining up Tobin for the Archdiocese of Washington as Cardinal Wuerl is sent into retirement!


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