Friday, October 28, 2016

Disdaining Truth And Authentic Worship For The Sake Of Ecumenicide

As most have heard, Pope Francis will be going to Sweden to "celebrate" the 500th year anniversary of the birth of Lutheranism.  I put "celebrate" in quotes for Martin Luther committed mortal sin and was the cause for millions going astray these past 5 centuries.  Mortal sin is to be mourned, not celebrated.  Catholic Family News has an article detailing the real character of the apostate known as Martin Luther and why his doings are to be abhorred not celebrated.

Greg Burke, head of the Vatican Press Office, said Catholics and Lutherans are "no longer defining themselves in opposition to each other but in communion with one another".  Oh, really?  I haven't heard any news of the Lutherans recanting their errors, for that's the only way true communion will come about.  Any real unity must have its basis in truth - that is, the Teachings of Jesus as entrusted to the Roman Catholic Church.

A little "aside".  Who remembers all the excuses for the papal gaffes that involved "poor English translations" from the Italian?  Consider the name of this Vatican press office head - sounds like something originating from the British Isles, doesn't it?  Hmm..  But I digress!  On with the main topic of this post!

LifeSiteNews put up a piece today regarding the impending ecumenicide debacle (fitting that it's occurring on Halloween, for it sure will be filled with horrors - but again I digress!)  It mentions the "hopes for intercommunion" by both Catholic bishops and Lutheran officials.  Both Cardinals Burke and Sarah denounced the very idea of non-Catholics receiving Holy Communion for it would constitute sacrilege.  They are correct.  Keep these two cardinals in mind for there is other news regarding them.

So on Halloween there is a "service" (one that we pray doesn't involve the mortal sin of sacrilege on the part of the pope).  The following day the pope will celebrate Mass for the local Catholic community. Crud ran an article on that, and the first few lines purport to be the pope's real sentiments about that Mass.  I'll quote now. "At first, Pope Francis did not want to celebrate a Catholic Mass in Sweden in order to preserve Monday’s ecumenical witness at the joint Catholic-Lutheran commemoration of the Reformation in Lund, he revealed in an interview released today. He later changed his mind after reflecting on his role as pastor of the Catholic community, and in response to a request from the local Church. But he put the Mass on the following day, Tuesday, in order to 'avoid confusing' the ecumenical event with the Catholic one."  If this quote is accurate (and it probably is), this means that the pope didn't want an icky old pelagian Mass to poop the ecumenicide party.  Now faithful Catholics know that Holy Mass is the highest form of worship that we can offer to Almighty God.  During the Consecration, the bread and wine are transformed into Jesus Christ Himself, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity.  It takes precedence over all other acts of Catholic worship.  It certainly is far, far superior to any other prayer service and we beg the pope and his entourage to remember that.

Earlier in this post I said there was news regarding Cardinals Burke and Sarah.  It is quite troubling.  Today it was announced that the pope has completely revamped the membership of the Vatican's Congregation for Divine Worship.  Only Cardinal Sarah remains as prefect.  Quite a few of the faithful members were ejected including Cardinal Burke.  Others include Cardinals Pell, Ouellett, Ranjith.  They were replaced by those of a liberal bent, virtually isolating Cardinal Sarah as he attempts to maintain tradition and reverence in Catholic liturgy.  Call me suspicious, but I do think some of the motivation for this may have been punishment for Cardinals Burke and Sarah for daring to remind Catholics, including the pope, that non-Catholics cannot be given Holy Communion on pain of sacrilege.

Ecumenicide is getting to be quite the idol these days.  Not only do good prelates get marginalized, but Holy Mass itself is shunted to the side.  When will it end?


  1. Greg Burke is an American, from St. Louis, actually.

    1. Still, a native English speaker. That press office cannot claim they had no one with adequate command of the English language to put forth accurate English translations.


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