Monday, October 17, 2016

Pope Francis, Ecumenicide Is Poison Against The Path Of Salvation

That is what he should have told that poor little girl when she and other Lutherans visited Rome a few days ago.  The question she asked of him is how she should convince non-Christian friends of her faith.  He replied, "What should I tell them to convince them? Listen, the last thing you should do is ‘tell’."  There are so, so many things wrong with this statement.
  • He contradicts Jesus Christ Himself when He commanded His disciples to preach the Gospel and to teach them all that He had taught them.  That sounds like a bit of "telling".
  • He led a young child astray.  Far from being encouraged to share her faith, He told her to remain silent and perhaps caused her to doubt her own faith with its demands to proclaim the Gospel.
  • The context of the story indicates that the child herself might have been Lutheran.  There is not one indication that the pope pointed her to the One True Faith.  More on that later.
He misquotes Matthew 25 by ascribing to Jesus these words: "Beware the leaven of hypocrisy".  These words are not to be found anywhere.  Oh, Jesus does have rebukes for hypocrites, but this quote simply doesn't exist.  If Scripture is to be cited for certain phrases, one should ensure that the quote is accurate and can be corroborated.  Else, one may fall into the danger of ascribing to his/her own ideas the authority of Scripture.

In Matthew 7:7-9, Jesus, in teaching of prayer, asks what father among His listeners would hand to his children snakes and scorpions when asked for food.  Yet snakes and scorpions were given to this child as she asked the pope for guidance.  This is quite reminiscent of the false guidance that the pope gave to his friend the late Tony Palmer.  The latter wanted to convert to Catholicism and the pope dissuaded him; in fact, the pope combated the work of the Holy Spirit as Our Lord was moving him to become Catholic.  An analogy that comes to mind is a drowning person begging for a life preserver and the lifeguard tosses him an obviously leaky one.

In two weeks the pope will be traveling to Switzerland to "commemorate" the 500th anniversary of the "Lutheran Reformation".  Since when does one "commemorate" a horrible sin?  Given the other remarks he made during that audience, it is clear that he really intends to celebrate the ripping asunder of the Church and the resultant damnation of souls.  What is also appalling is that the group gave him a gift - a bound copy of Luther's 95 Theses - the beginning of his heresies.  The pope accepted this replica of Luther's slap in the face to the Church.

It is reported that at that meeting with the Lutherans, in that room was a statue of Martin Luther - made of chocolate (I kid you not!).  Why would any kind of statue of a heretic ever be found in the Vatican?  When will we see a chocolate Hitler?  How about a chocolate Margaret Sanger?  Since the Vatican is in Rome, perhaps a chocolate Nero or Caligula would be fitting, right?

With this abomination in the Vatican, along with beach balls on sacred altars and muslims praying to their demon-gods in the Vatican Gardens, this pope has allowed filth to pollute places dedicated to Our Lord Jesus Christ.  More troublesome is the scandal being caused to those who would seek out the Vicar of Christ for guidance - as did that little girl.  Didn't Our Lord say something about millstones being tied around the necks of those who cause scandal?  Pray for our pope that he'll turn around before more souls are steered towards hell.

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  1. I only started late in life to study Martin Luther, who had been a hero to me much of my life. When I read the things he actually said, I felt sick in the stomach. But interestingly, these are the kinds of things I learned to say about Catholics all my life...until, of course, I became a Catholic.


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