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Cardinal Wuerl Trips Over Himself While Celebrating Amoralis Lamentia

Amoris Laetitia
One year ago today, the world was scourged with Amoralis Lamentia, a piece of pig poop that has already cast doubts upon the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself, leading to the peril of many souls and most likely the damnation of more than a few who have passed to their judgments during this past year.

Many of us have been sounding the alarm regarding this spiritual poison while its shills have been "circling the wagons" around Amoralis Lamentia as they attempt to put some lipstick on that pig.  One of those lame attempts was published by Crud, authored by Cardinal Wuerl who played a pivotal role in tweaking the results of the two sin-nods to justify the publication of AL.  Please have this link open (should be in separate window) as we unpack this mess.
  • "avoiding the constraints of a perspective that focuses solely on certain aspects"  That's the end of the second paragraph.  Now just what might be these "certain aspects"?   Might these "certain aspects" include minor details such as the Sixth Commandment and the Church's laws on marriage and receiving Holy Communion worthily?
  • "This apostolic exhortation, which follows on the Synod of Bishops that met in October of 2014 and another in 2015 to discuss the challenges to marriage and family today, reflects the consensus of those meetings and many voices."  Whom does he think he's fooling?  We all know that the final report of the extraordinary sin-nod contained three paragraphs that were voted out by the bishops in attendance.  We all know these reports were compiled too quickly after the discussions; the only logical explanation is that these reports were created before the discussions, if not before the synods themselves.
  • "Holy Father points the way to how the Church might take steps to support married couples and families in their lives, and to mercifully bring hope and healing to those who find themselves in broken and wounded situations, with a sensitivity toward the diversity of particular relationships and cultures,"  Are we truly to believe that for the past 2000+ years of Christianity the Church has not known how do deal with these "broken and wounded situations"?  Those means of healing remain exactly the same for the words of Jesus Christ Himself are immutable.  We'll spell it out.  Any underlying sin must be eradicated and confessed to a priest.  The occasion of sin must be abandoned.  God's Commands transcend "particular relationships and cultures".  Therefore, these "relationships and cultures" must be brought to conformity with God's commands, not vice versa.
  • "Even for those in a marriage that does not reflect entirely the Church’s teaching, continues the Pope, Christ inspires the Church to turn to them with love and affection to assist them in overcoming the trials they face."  Again, this is no mystery.  The underlying sin must be eradicated and repented of in the Sacrament of Confession.  The occasion of sin must be eradicated and/or abandoned.  Important edit: If this "marriage" involves a "spouse" who was married to another and was civilly divorced without a proper annulment, then no real "second marriage" exists.  Rather, the situation is an adulterous shack-up.  Any priest worthy of his collar will tell the parties in no uncertain terms to immediately cease and desist their mortal sin of adultery.
  • "Without claiming to present an entire pastoral plan, the Holy Father calls for a family apostolate that offers more adequate catechesis and formation, not only of engaged and married couples and their children, but also priests, deacons, seminarians, consecrated religious, catechists, teachers, social workers, medical professionals, and other pastoral workers."  If that catechesis involves absolute and unwavering fidelity towards the teachings of Holy Mother Church as she has taught over the past several hundred years, this might be one tiny silver lining to an otherwise very gloomy cloud.
  • The hermeneutic required for a fruitful appropriation of the document’s teaching on this point is based on the understanding that none of the teaching of the Church has been changed: This includes the doctrine on the indissolubility of marriage, the directives of the Code of Canon Law, and also the role of individual conscience in the determination of personal culpability. If that individual conscience acts in disobedience to God's commands, even if it is aware of the demands of God's law, full culpability exists.  If the sin is inherently serious, in the case of full knowledge that sin is very likely mortal.  No "hermeneutic" will change that.
  • "The exhortation does not create some sort of internal forum process in which a marriage can be annulled, or in which the objective moral order can be changed. Instead, the exhortation places greater emphasis on the role of the individual conscience in appropriating those moral norms in the person’s actual circumstances".  Got that?  We give the perfunctory nod to the "objective moral order" but if it contradicts these "actual circumstances", well, "objective moral order" be damned.  That's what's really being said.
  • "In this context, the role of the priest in listening and offering affirmation or challenge to persons as they work through their own understanding of their situation becomes central to the type of pastoral work with married couples needed today. It is the very heart of the ministry of accompaniment that the exhortation calls for."  Let's cut through the flim-flam, shall we?  Working through the situation boils down to conformity with God's laws and nothing else.  If these laws are being transgressed, that transgression must cease immediately, and the sin be confessed, along with the resolution to avoid the near occasion of that sin.  If the priest eschews these simple truths in the pursuit of this "ministry of accompaniment" he will likely find himself in the unenviable position of cooperating with mortal sin via his silence.  By the way, can anyone tell me just where in the Church's 2000+ years of tradition can this phrase "ministry of accompaniment" be found?
  • "The apostolic exhortation calls for a compassionate pastoral approach to many people - married, single, and divorced - who are struggling to face issues in life, the teaching of the Church, and their own desire to reconcile all of this."  Desire to reconcile - or - desire to justify the continuance of mortal sin?
I'll close this piece with one last quote. "In the action of going out, encountering, sharing, and accompanying, moreover, we also recognize that in the journey, we - ourselves - are also drawing closing to the Lord."  I'm copying/pasting these excerpts right from the article so I guess "drawing closing" is a typo that was supposed to mean "drawing closer".  If so, that statement is brashly presumptuous. Amoralis Lamentia is one giant screed designed to exalt man's faulty, unformed and uninformed conscience over God's transcendent, immutable commands.  Any deviance from those Divine commands is sin, "hermeneutics" and "accompaniment" notwithstanding.

I pray that the four "dubia" Cardinals see their way to issuing the formal correction since it is apparent that the pope has no intention of answering the dubia.  Cardinal Wuerl's piece, for what it's worth, reflects the intentions of the pope regarding Amoralis Lamentia.  To follow this path that the pope and his collaborators set forth is to flirt with eternal damnation. We must pray, speak the truth and resist this evil onslaught.


  1. I have almost given up hope on the four cardinals. Realizing that the Church moves at a snails pace doesn't really justify the lack of action when the crisis of apostasy is so profound and coming directly from the top. I'm wondering why they don't realize the seriousness and graveness of the situation we're in?

    Meanwhile, seems that no one has figured out how to stop the blasphemy coming from the Pope's mouth that echoes world wide. His latest? "Christ became the DEVIL for us on the cross." I mean really, isn't there ANYONE in Rome wondering how to have him evaluated medically and MENTALLY? His encyclical is huge obstacle with this Papacy, but it isn't the ONLY one!

  2. There is nothing wrong with his mental faculties. He knows full well what he is doing. No one could be this wrong on this many things this often and not be deliberate.
    We can only imagine what he has in store for Thursday.
    Jesus, at this time we especially pray for your children in the Middle East who suffer so greatly, but please Lord, come to our aid soon. Amen.

    1. Holy Thursday? He's always washed women's feet, even before this pontiff took Peter's chair.

  3. As for the four Cardinals, their unofficial spokesman, Cardinal Burke, indicated in a recent interview that he sees nothing wrong with the text of Amoris Laetitia itself; only with the way it is occasionally being implemented. I believe his exact wording was that the text itself is "acceptable." Really, your Eminence? Pope Bergoglio, whether he "remembers" it or not, has stated openly that people who know God's law (which AL calls "the rule") but can't see their way clear to following it yet (or, by implication, ever) are good to go. And the Dubia Cardinals find this assertion (among other) "acceptable"? Perhaps, in this recent interview, Cardinal Burke has inadvertently explained the real reason why his anxiously anticipated formal correction still hasn't happened: the four Cardinals and those who have been pinning their hopes on them disagree radically regarding the very nature of the crisis we face.

  4. May we please have a link to this interview? Thanks


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