Saturday, April 1, 2017

Deconstructing The Faith With Amoralis Lamentia

I need not spend too much time reinventing the wheel as it were.  Suffice it to say that if one has had their eyes open and if they haven't been given over to a pollyanna-esque happy-clappy self-deception, they will understand the dangers to souls that have been coming from the Vatican, at the apparent instigation of the pope.  The Wild Voice put together a chronology (not all-encompassing, by their own admission) of doings and sayings of Pope Francis that have been, at best, most unseemly for a Vicar of Christ.

I will post after the jump break two videos.  One is a talk given by John-Henry Weston, one of the two co-founders of LifeSiteNews, given at the same conference at which Michael Hichborn spoke when he spoke of "Catholic Charities and the Culture of Death".  Weston addresses the various things that the pope has done to undermine the Faith and he does so from the perspective of the Fatima predictions.

The one following that is a homily posted by Sensus Fidelium entitled "The Road To The Dubia: Amoris Laetitia".  In it the priest lays out just why that document is a deliberate attack on three Sacraments: Confession, Communion, Matrimony.  He calls Amoralis Lamentia "a Henry VIII moment in the Church".  In the very beginning, he also gives definitions of Church Tradition, public revelation, etc.  Please invest the time to listen to these talks and to be informed.  If some, particularly parents, claim not to have the time to do so, understand that the eternal salvation of your children may well depend on you being informed about the spiritual wolves that are waiting to devour your children.  As Weston states, we must be informed so that we can both pray properly and speak in defense of the truth.  Now the videos:


  1. Thank you for these videos! The profound teachings of Christ in His Church are being annihilated by the very prelates who are COMMANDED to teach the truth, by Christ Himself! This is at the command of the Pope himself. In my wildest imagination, NEVER did I think I would see this day in my lifetime. Unbelievable as it is, here we are! I would say, this is even worse than the Arian Heresy, and maybe even worse than a Henry Vlll moment. This is the mother of all earthquakes that is hitting the Church. May God help us to remain faithful and may God convert all those that are under the influence of Satan himself.

  2. Thank you for bringing these to our attention! This was the best and most informative almost 2 hours I've ever spent re-inforcing my Faith.

  3. Ecclesia Mellow
    Guy McClung
    Catholic Lane 4/4/2017

    Go and sin, sin on more.
    Mercy, my mercy, sin galore!

    The joy of love, not the sword,
    No division, praise me lord!

    An eye offends? That’s OK,
    Look again, not away.

    Fire everlasting not forever.
    Eternal damning, never, never.

    “Yes is yes” hurts so much.
    “No is no” is out of touch.

    No dog vomits, none returns.
    No sow wallows, no one burns.

    A rigid cross so unreal,
    Good news logic, feel, feel, feel.

    I need a church so I can sin, no hell;
    A mercy church, so all is well.

    Go and sin, sin on more.
    Mercy, my mercy, sin galore!

    Guy McClung, San Antonio TX

  4. I'd be very wary of Wild Voice. They seem to be a front for Maria Divine Mercy.

  5. Mar: I read The WILD VOICE regularly, and I can tell you that the site is completely trustworthy, unlike false prophet pope francis who, from the height of his ego, utters heresies and blasphemies every other day. That's who you should stay away from: the FALSE PROPHET FRANCIS I.


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