Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Trump Defunds UNFPA Over Forced Abortion

President Trump has removed US funding from the United Nations Population Fund.  He did so because the UNFPA participates in China's policies of forced abortion.  LifeSiteNews has more details.  At the very least, US tax dollars will not be used to drag women into abortuaries so that their babies can be violently ripped out of their wombs.  It is very possible that quite a few babies will be saved on account of the abortion apparatus being cash-crimped.

One can now hear the screeching and howling of feminazis and population-control wonks everywhere.  By the way - about which population-control guru have we been hearing?  That's right!  Paul Ehrlich!  This forced-abortion shill was invited by the Vatican to address its "biological extinction" conference last month.  I suppose the "biological extinction of the human race" is near and dear to Ehrlich's heart, but I digress.  Given the bevy of pro-aborts who have been invited to speak at the Vatican and who have lent input into Laudato Si, we can imagine that they are not enthused about the defunding of the UNFPA.  Never have I thought that I'd see the day when the White House would be more pro-life than the Vatican, but such seems to be the case these days.

The population-control ghouls are not the only ones who sense that the gravy train is pulling into the station.  Church Militant has an article about an association of witches who are casting hexes on Trump.  The invocation of demons is very serious business.  At least they grasp the magnitude of the spiritual battle, albeit from the wrong side.  Do we?  Pray for protection of Trump and for all good people.  Pray for conversion of those embroiled in sin.  Do so now.


  1. Thank you. I heard about the witches sitting in the U.S.government buildings trying to pur curses on people years ago. Sadly, it's much worse today. I pray for Trump and Pence and their families and for America. Heaven help rid the Vatican of the evil residing in it now. May God confound all of the evil doers and convert and save souls. Thanks for passing the word on praying for Trump. God bless you.

  2. I'm in the process of reading AA-1025 which I have never read before about the communists infiltrating the Church back in the 30's and 40's. These so called prelates in the hierarchy in the Vatican and even (and maybe ESPECIALLY) Francis are following their play book almost verbatim. If Catholics haven't read this book yet, it's important that they do. To see this agenda and the details of how to subvert the faith, play by play, that is being put into practice at present, and was devised for implementation in the 30's and 40's is MIND BLOWING. If this book doesn't freak Catholics out, nothing will. WHO EXACTLY ARE these men at the top? God help us.


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