Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vennari: Amoris Laetitia And Situation Ethics

John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News, passed away yesterday after a bout with cancer.  Catholic Family News, along with the Wanderer and the Remnant, was at the forefront of Catholic media who told the truth about the massive deconstruction of the Faith that was being masterminded by progressives during the 20th century.  They started their work long before the advent of the internet.  Faithful Catholics owe men like Vennari much gratitude.  Let us pray for the eternal repose of his soul and for consolation for his family and friends.

Below is a talk that Vennari gave sometime last year in Chicago.  It may well be the last public address that he was able to give.  Anyway, he exposes the foundations of Amoralis Lamentia as being the heresy of situation ethics, and why acceptance of AL would greatly undermine Catholic moral theology.

I urge all to watch this, but first let's engage in a rather amusing digression.  Vennari and others helped pioneer the new Catholic media, of which this blog is a small part.  Not all greet us with enthusiasm.  The mainstream progressives, with their loyal lemmings, take great umbrage with us for depriving them of their monopoly over the public forum of Catholic ideas.  Take, for instance, this piece posted on Crud.  Notice how we are described as "cornered animals who snarl and bite"?  Then Longenecker quotes from Father Rosica, who in his suit against Vox Cantoris, did indeed play the biting and snarling animal.  Perhaps John Vennari can read this from his vantage point and have a chuckle while praying for us as we pray for him.

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