Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Another Tale Of Two Bishops: Burke Versus Cruz

On July 22 in Louisville KY, Cardinal Burke spoke at a forum called "The Church Teaches".  That day he said two key things.  First he stated a point that was similar to one uttered by Bishop Schneider.  He warned against "idolatry of the papacy", an error that leads people to ascribe papal infallibility to every utterance that comes from a sitting pontiff.  In reality, the pope only speaks infallibly under very special circumstances.  Of course other teachings of the pope bear weight when they conform with Church Tradition.  One corollary error that attends this papal idolatry is a belief that the pope, never erring, can never be contradicted nor questioned even by faithful Catholics.

Burke also said during that same conference that "confusion and error" coming from shepherds at the highest level in the Church (i.e. the pope) "realistically seems to be apocalyptic".  Our Lady of Akita stated something very similar when she said that shepherds would be opposing one another.  She uttered the same concerns under her title Our Lady of Good Success.

As an example of confusion flowing forth from a bishop, I link now to an article in Crud, regarding Bishop Antonio Carlos Cruz Santos, a bishop of Brazil.  I won't go through the entire tome.  but during a recent homily, he said that "homosexuality is a gift from God".  We know that the homosexual orientation is inherently disordered.  If one acts upon that inclination, he/she mortally sins and also leads his/her accomplice in mortal sin.  In that homily Cruz both blasphemed God by saying that God gifted to mankind the occasion of mortal sin.  He also scandalized the congregation by his approval of mortal sin, possibly deceiving them into thinking that they could mortally sin without eternal consequences.

Please be praying your daily Rosaries.

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  1. You hit upon something here. Because there are Catholics who adhere to any utterance from the 'Pope' out of ignorance of their faith, we are in this mess. People don't understand that the Pope must declare something 'from the Chair' in order for Catholics to follow, and then it must coincide with the Magisterium. If the Pope would declare something that opposes Church teaching, not only are we to ignore it, but he would declare himself a heretic. Francis is no theologian or Canon Lawyer but he's at least smart enough to avoid that situation. He goes against Church teaching without implicating himself formally, knowing that there are a good number of Catholics who don't understand this teaching, and will follow him right off the cliff. He also knows that the majority of clerics will go along to get along......SAD.


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