Friday, August 11, 2017

In The Face of Opposition From Church Of Nice, Stay Alert And Active

Let me cut immediately to the chase.  The evidence is clear and irrefutable in indicating that Pope Francis is angry at those faithful Catholics who are not blindly following as he attempts to deconstruct the Faith and Western civilization.  He is especially irritated when we call him out, along with his lackeys, as they make their moves.  On one level this saddens me, but on another level it tells me that the light we shine is having beneficial impact.

More and more people are waking up.  The Remnant commented on a piece put out by Fox News.  That piece pointed out that the pope's disdain for Trump and his policies is obvious.  By extension, those of us who supported Trump over Hillary also warrant the papal stink-eye.  I pointed out two pieces of evidence yesterday.  Those are just the latest; there will undoubtedly be more.

Today Michael Voris released a Vortex in which he summarizes some "talking points" of the "church of nice", i.e. the progressive-infested hierarchy.  Please look at those points and consider a few things.
Voris rightly rebukes the prelates who are destroying the church and jeopardizing their souls.  Whether or not it is Voris' thinking, I believe that the pope must be included in that number and must also receive our prayers for clarity of thinking and preaching, if not salvation itself.

We need to be aware of these matters so that, at the very least, we can pray intelligently for our Church and, if appropriate, take action.


  1. "Whether or not it is Voris' thinking, I believe that the Pope must be included in that number (Prelates who are destroying the Church and jeopardizing souls) AND MUST RECEIVE OUR PRAYERS for clarity of thinking and preaching , if not Salvation its self"

    Michael Voris wrongly thinks it serves no purpose to criticize the Pope.He feels we should award him a free kick for each of his many bizarre utterances.I feel he unwittingly (....or otherwise) becomes a facilitator and thereby a contributor to the demise of the Church and souls. In his mind an attack on Francis is an attack on the Chair of Peter and the Church. It is a shame he cant see that.

    Having said that I also feel he does much good work.How much you criticize the Pope should be commensurate with how much you Pray for Him. The Voris stance is akin to those that confirm our homosexual brother and sisters in their sins by pandering to them and speaking anything other that the truth to them.

  2. 1P5 also had a few more posts of interest (yesterday late), the first one on the corroboration between the Vatican and the Clinton campaign which is very telling, and worth the read. The second on trying to find a balance in focus (and maybe some refocusing) of the 1P5 site between helping people to build their faith and the nitty gritty news of the anti Catholicism being promoted in Rome. It looks to me like there may be some 'burn out' going on, of which is completely understandable. With the amount of dissent and might I say betrayal and even EVIL going on in the Church of Christ, the job of reporting this garbage on a daily basis has to be totally grueling, psychologically and spiritually. I keep all of the faithful bloggers in my daily Rosary, because at this point in the history of our Church the job has to be overwhelmingly DARK in trying to keep the faithful informed. No doubt it takes a toll. If you've ever read anything about what exorcist Priests go through, and the toll it takes on them in all aspects, psychologically, spiritually and even physically, it may be similar although to a much lesser degree. (after reading some of their experiences, I have a newly found respect for exorcist priests in their sacrifice of entire self to deliver people from the darkness) Looking in the face of pure evil day after day has to take a toll, and a price to be paid, never mind the attacks and threats from the evil one. It's hard enough for the faithful to become aware of the filth coming from high levels of our Church, let alone on the courageous people that investigate and inform the Catholic world day after day. May God be with you all and give you all the grace, courage, protection and fortitude to carry on. Our Lady of Fatima PRAY FOR US!!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the exceedingly exhaustive work of the daily reporting of the liturgical, doctrinal and diabolically pornographic abuse of Our Beloved Lord and His Church. I also include all faithful Catholic bloggers and reporters in my daily Rosary. My question to you is do you have a particular source of reading about these heroic priests who wage war with evil one and his minions. God bless all of them. Our Lady of Fatima protect them!

  3. I agree with geoff also that Michael Voris is misguided on this important teaching of the Church. We are CALLED ss the lay faithful to resist and defend Holy Mother Church in the face of error and dissent, even if it is the Pope himself who we must call out. But......that doesn't mean we are attacking the very Chair of Peter. He's ignoring the elephant in the living room. He is basically shining a light on a terrible infestation of cock roaches with a 'hands off' policy of disturbing the nest. With all the good he does he is still spinning his wheels, not to mention not following true Church teaching.

  4. Vaguely Karen, I remember reading a book by Malachi Martin which I didn't even get through the entire thing....'Hostage to the Devil'. Also I've read a couple by Fr. Amorth (now deceased) and I think Fr. Thomas(?) who have documented how hard it is for these priests that are in the ministry of exorcism. They pay a price. A sacrifice of self for the good of souls. I often wonder how it is that Fr. Amorth lived to such a ripe old age.:) I believe he was in his 90's when he went to his eternal reward. I am in awe of these wonderful priests who give of themselves to such an extent.


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