Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Evangelical Christians School Defenders Of Amoralis Lamentia

Today's online issue of Crisis magazine featured a book review of Cardinal Coccopalmerio's attempt to justify chapter 8 of Amoralis Lamentia.  This chapter is one of the most troubling parts of AL as it erroneously states that adulterers can receive Holy Communion while still continuing their mortally sinful conduct.  The review is called, "A Cardinal's Implausible Defense Of Amoris Laetitia".  Implausible it is.

I don't need to add commentary to this good review.  I will add some context, though, considering this cardinal.  Most recently, a priest-secretary of his was busted for hosting a drug/gay orgy on Vatican premises.  At the time of the bust, Msgr Capozzi was so stoned that he had to be taken to a hospital for detoxification.  Coccopalmerio also said that some Anglican orders were valid.

So the good cardinal is trying to be ecumenical.  Well, here's an idea for him to promote ecumenism and to actually improve Amoralis Lamentia.  A group of American evangelical Christians stated some solid moral teachings regarding marriage in the form of articles.  They call it the Nashville Statement.  As far as morals go, it seems quite faithful to Traditional teaching.  It certainly is a vast improvement over the spiritual rot that is now embedded in this alleged papal teaching.  Why doesn't the Cardinal - in the interests of "dialogue", of course - suggest that chapter 8 be scrapped and this Nashville Statement be inserted in its place?

Seriously speaking, that replacement would be a vast improvement.

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  1. Fr. Cocco, a major defender of Amoris Laetitia, tried to promote his coke-head-homo secretary to bishop. The secretary was busted for hosting a drug/gay orgy on Vatican premises. The Vatican covered up the scandal.


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