Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bishop Scheider: Catholics Not Called To Blind Obedience To The Pope

LifeSiteNews posted an interview with Bishop Schneider done on behalf of Rorate Caeli.  In this interview he touches upon a wide variety of topics:
  • Communion in the hand
  • The erroneous adulation being heaped upon Martin Luther
  • The fact that Vatican II was a pastoral council, not dogmatic council
  • The fact that Catholics are not called to blind obedience to the pope
Other topics are also treated.  I'd advise you to watch it in its entirety.  Please pray for protection for Bishop Schneider.  It does seem that those who don't march to progressive drums sounding forth from the Vatican are being mistreated badly.


  1. Will watch.....thanks for this. INDEED courageous men of God who are speaking truth publicly, are sitting ducks in this violent totalitarian Papacy of Bergoglio. Keep them all in your Rosaries! Might be beneficial also to pray a hedge of protection around them against the diabolical forces that are so very prevalent in the Vatican. It's time to take Spiritual Warfare very seriously where this Papacy is concerned.


    Maybe the good Bishop Schneider of Astana needs to clean up his own Diocescan backyard before we can use his example as a voice of reason. He is playing Francis "Good-Cop". hard to trust anyone who is the Bishop of the Capitol of the One World Religion.....


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