Saturday, March 31, 2018

Remnant On The Scalfari Hell Interview

A few days ago, another conversation between Pope Francis and Eugenio Scalfari happened.  As happened several times before, heretical statements were ascribed to the pope: statements that to date have not been specifically repudiated by either the pope or the Vatican Communications Office.  When Scalfari asked about the punishment of souls who die in mortal sin, the pope allegedly said that they aren't punished and they simply cease to exist.  Right there you have heresies against the existence of hell and the immortality of souls.

This conversation is all over mainstream media.  The pope needs to clarify his statements immediately if he never uttered those heresies.  If he did make those statements as reported, we will need to come to grips with the possibility that our pope has uttered heresies.


  1. The immense stupidity of this poop (pope) is beyond belief! But who am I to judge?

    How about another airplane wedding to calm things down? Or a youth SINODD?

  2. And I hope he eliminates the Fire used to begin the Easter Vigil: contributes to global warming, dont't you know!

  3. At the very least a good pope would issue a statement reaffirming the existence of hell and refuting the error of the 'recalled' meeting with the atheist. But this one does not EVER do that! He has said before that souls are only 'annihilated' which would mean that the soul does not enter into eternity. This is only one of the many heresies we have heard during this pontificate. He refuses to preach and teach the truths of the faith or to clear up confusions. Perhaps he enjoys the "making a mess" as he has told others to do. There is a sort of passive / aggressiveness about all this. Every once in a while a bone of orthodoxy gets thrown out just to keep the confusion going and give the faithful something they can point to. But more often it is dissention that comes forth and a refusal to uphold Catholic age old teaching.

  4. I believe it was Frank Walker (Canon212) that had info on twitter that a non Italian Cardinal has threatened to 'impeach' him. As I understand it, he was only a 'spokesman' for several Cardinals. The problem with this is of course Francis will claim that this was only a 'private conversation' with Scalfari. (his long time atheist BFF Bro) This was not a 'proclamation from the Chair'. And ......that's how he will scoot by this heresy.

  5. Exquisite timing on his part, maximum impact by disrespecting the words of Jesus Himself during the Triduum. He has done this before, he selects a heretical statement to make during a Vigil or some significant day. If you're going to poke Catholics in the eye, pick a day important to them.
    Then right after, say or do something resembling real Catholicism. This has worked to keep Catholics off balance and unsure.
    Please God, come to our aid.


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