Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Rot Within The Archdiocese Of Baltimore

It's evident right here, courtesy of New Ways Ministry.  It appears that the Archdiocese of Baltimore held a workshop for its employees centered around "gender identity".  The writer of this piece is an employee of the Archdiocese, writing under a pseudonym.  In the second paragraph he identifies himself as gay  He goes on to complain about the thrust of the various talks at this seminar, indicating to sane people that this workshop had some real merit to it.

I could spend all night picking this thing apart, and maybe I will at another time.  Suffice it to say that "Thomas McBride" is someone who needs to be discovered and confronted about his sinful lifestyle, and made to depart if he doesn't repent.  He is probably one of an entire network  within that archdiocese.  No wonder Baltimore has parishes like St. Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard that actually march in "gay pride" parades.  They are a menace to souls.  The question now is: does the Baltimore chancery care/

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  1. I won't be holding my breath awaiting a response from Archbishop Lori.


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