Wednesday, February 12, 2020

DC Prelates Kvell Over Reduced Donations - Grab Your Hankies

From the Washington Post we read how the DC chancery is bemoaning the drop in donations received by the Archdiocese.  Well, boo-hoo!  Cry me a river!  Just what the blankety-blank did they expect?

The Post is correct in citing the McCarrick-Wuerl-Bransfield debacles as causes for the drying up of local donations.  What they fail to mention is the utter lack of credibility that the Archdiocese of Washington still has.  When the current prelates waxes eloquent about Fortunate Families, when faithful Catholic reporters are stonewalled when questioning the Rossi mess, we Catholics in the pews understand that the swamp in the DC chancery is still fetid and deep.

So they can whine all they want.  Until these prelates understand that they are called to be priests before progressive "social-justice warriors", I hope and pray that the money flow continues to decrease.  That mens don't toss one penny towards the Archdicesan Appea.  Regrettably money - or lack thereof - is the only language they understand.  In the meantime, to obey the Church's sixth precept, we should direct our donation dollars to a traditional religious order, a pro-life charity, etc.

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  1. How about the canonization of abortion enthusiast Cokie Roberts, with eulogy by and Communion for Nancy Pelosi? Could Wilton devise a more powerful way to slam in the faces of Washington Catholics the message that the total indifference to abortion and sodomy of the McCarrick-Wuerl regime remains in full swing?


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