Saturday, February 8, 2020

Catholic Standard Watch - Progressive Catholics Diss Trump's Appearance At March For Life

Here is the article in question.  Please note that it is a Catholic News Service piece; thus it is most likely published at the unction of the USCCB.  First, we see quoted one John Gehring, Catholic program director of Faith in Public Life.  One would never know from this puff piece that FPL is funded by George Soros.  John Gehring is not fit to be quoted in any Catholic publication.  His complaints about the President are no doubt guided by his own progressive leanings (not to mention Soros and the USCCB).

Next to whine is Father Dauses, pastor of St Andrew by the Bay in Annapolis.  He is quoted as saying he was "really, really conflicted attending" the March.  Were the babies a high priority for him?  That is a fair question, in light of the "social justice" page from his parish's website.  This group, in working with other nearby "faith communities", identified "6 priorities".  Notice what is not a priority.

These two progressives are simply using the president's presence as a feeble excuse for their own disregard of unborn children.  At least the article quoted Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, who made plain that the murder of thousands of babies daily trumps all other issues in scope and importance.  As long as our clergy remain on the dole from progressive sugar daddies, they will be morally compromised and will likely have difficulty at their particular judgments.

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  1. The pro-abortion katholyks ramped up their trashing of the March for Life this year. We know where Wilton stands on abortion: Just check out his canonization of Cokie Roberts, with eulogy by regular communicant Nancy Pelosi.


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