Thursday, February 6, 2020

Gay Priest Retreat In Maryland This Coming April

Last week LifeSiteNews published an opinion piece entitled "Time For Bishops To Be Faithful And Shut Down Renegade Priests Who Champion Homosexuality".  A picture of Baltimore's Archbishop William Lori is at the top of the piece.  The reason for that is the scheduled "retreat" for gay priests that is slated to be held at Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville MD from April 12-14.   The retreat is being led by Fr Peter Daly and most likely Father James Martin will be in attendance.  Let's examine the pieces to this impending debacle.

Bon Secours is itself a dissident den of iniquity.  If the name sounds familiar to readers of this blog, that is because Bon Secours is where Gordon Creamer, gay-married parish council chair of St Ignatius Catholic Church, carries on with his so-called "spiritual direction".  St Ignatius is a parish in the Mount Vernon area of Baltimore City.  They openly flaunt their participation in Baltimore's "gay pride" parade/orgies.  I tried to engage the pastor about the matter, but oddly enough (cough!) he wasn't particularly interested in discussing the matter!  I submit that this pastor, along with Fr Joseph Muth of St Matthew's on Loch Raven Blvd are priests whom Lori should shut down.

Let's look at the retreat leader, Father Peter Daly, as I've written quite a bit about him, too.  In this anthology of posts, you see an account of his interactions with  young men struggling with same-sex attraction.  He admits to telling them that their disordered inclinations aren't disordered and that to act on them isn't sinful.  He pointed them straight towards hell and gave a nudge.  One can bet that is exactly what will happen in Marriottsville in two months.

Now let's look at the reactions of the two Maryland archbishops.  Archbishop Lori continues to turn a blind eye on both St Matthew's and St Ignatius.  Both are dens of gay perversions; there could be more.  These are the only two of which I'm aware at this time  Archbishop Gregory has actually shown himself to be an ally of proponents of gay perversions.  This past summer he openly praised Fortunate Familes duing one of his first "Theology on Tap" presentations.

Will they listen to our demands that they clean up their churches?  One language that they seem to understand is that of money - or more accurately, lack of donation money.  The DC archdiocese is gearing up for its Annual Appeal.  It used to be called the Archbishop's or Cardinal's Appeal (depending on rank of prelate).  They at least know that they cannot invoke the prelate to raise money, as our prelates of late have been, uh, "credibility-challenged" shall we say.  On the webpage they say that 60+ charities are supported via this collection.  Guess what?  You can support good charities directly, without the Archdiocese taking a cut of them.  Moreover, you'd be able to select the recipients of your hard-earned dollars.  Do NOT give one red penny to this or any other diocesan-wide collection.  They have proven over and over again to be unworthy recipients of donations and inept stewards to boot.  I don't know when the Baltimore campaign will happen, but that too should be boycotted until Archbishop Lori disinfects St Matthew's and St Ignatius AND quashes this upcoming "retreat".

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