Thursday, February 13, 2020

USCCB Political Videos Downplaying Abortion To Promote Seamless Garment And Undermine Trump

I post their series of videos below.  While the videos mention innocent unborn as needing protection, they don't say from what they need protection.  That is, of course, abortion, and the progressive politicians shilling for abortion.  Why?  Two reasons.
  1. Many of these politicians have been funnelling money towards the USCCB coffers.
  2. They know that many faithful Catholics will vote for Trump on account of his recent actions to stem abortion.  The USCCB is set on undermining him.  If they can downplay abortion in the minds of Catholics, they'll lessen the impetus to vote for Trump.
Along the lines of that second point, notice how the unborn is just one of a whole laundry list of issues, most of lesser importance and tending to justify a socialist government, ultimately leading to a one-world government.  LifeSiteNews and Church Militant have commentary, too.

As an aside, notice at the 5-minute mark the shameless plug for the many-times-disgraced Catholic Relief Services.  This video series, and the larger effort of the USCCB's is just another reason why we should cease all contributions.

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