Thursday, February 27, 2020

Put MCCARRICK MONEY In Your Annual Appeal Envelopes And A Note In The CRS Rice Bowl

Many thanks to my blogging colleagues at Complicit Clergy for "minting" these most appropriate dollars bills. Now we have McCarrick Money!  Print off a bunch of these, put them in the collection envelopes, then drop them in the baskets or send them to your chanceries!

As for the Rice Bowl shakedown, Lent has started and the obiquitous rice bows are appearing in most Catholic church lobbies.  So take them home and assemble them.  Put not one red cent in them.  Instead, put in them the note at the bottom of this Lepanto article.

Instead of these shake-downs, give your money to pregnancy centers, a traditional order or another worthy charity.

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  1. See, I love this. We have needed this type of resistance, something tangible, something all can do. We are not all designed for face to face confrontation, but these are things Catholics can do to send them a message. I am a middle-aged grandmother. I will be handing in McCarrick Money and the note in the Rice bowl. Absolutely. I know I would have helped in Rome with the Francis posters, but wasn't there. I know I would have tossed those Pachamama's in the Tiber, but I wasn't there. It is my duty to God, to resist these men and do whatever I can. I am happy to do it. Thank you to the people who thought of these recourses. The laity need something to DO, some way to be involved and to resist. Here are a few ways. God bless the effort, and Viva Cristo Rey!
    I have considered printing out that photo of Bergolio, the one where he was probably a bishop, with that incredibly miserable look on his face, and leaving copies of it near the door of churches, or passing them out. I would like to write on it, "Does THIS look like the face of a pope?".


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