Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday Homily Bumped To Accomodate Money Shake-Down

This morning I didn't feel well enough to make my regular early Mass, so I went to a later Mass - the 10:45 at Mother Seton in Germantown, to be precise.  At the start of the homily, Father announced that we'd be hearing a pre-recorded message from the Archbishop.  Truth be told, I was expecting this, since this Annual Appeal thing is kicking into gear.  It was of the same syrupy genre of sales pitches that Wuerl and McCarrick have shoved down our throats for years now.  Then the priest passed out the envelopes and had people complete them right then and there.

After the ushers collected them, we could now hear the real homily, correct?  I'm talking of the actual exposition and teachings based upon the Scripture readings just heard, or some other pertinent topic from Church teaching.  Well, we heard....


After a lame one-liner about how the appeal tied into the Scriptures, Father dove right into the Creed.  Section 65 of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal states that "the homily is part of the Liturgy and is strongly recommended, for it is necessary for the nurturing of the Christian life. It should be an exposition of some aspect of the readings from Sacred Scripture or of another text from the Ordinary or from the Proper of the Mass.."  Furthermore, Section 66 tells us that "There is to be a homily on Sundays and holy days of obligation at all Masses that are celebrated with the participation of a congregation; it may not be omitted without a serious reason." (emphasis mine)  Thus the complete omission of today's homily at Mother Seton to accomodate this simpering sales pitch constitutes liturgical abuse.

Fellow DC Catholics, I'm quite certain that you too had to suffer through that recorded drivvel today.  But were your homilies also completely omitted as was the case at Seton today?  Please advise via the comment box, giving location and Mass time.  If enough homilies were likewise omitted, I must suspect that this omission - in other words, liturgical abuse - might have been ordered from "on high".  I look forward to your feedback.  Thanks.


  1. Well certainly these men are feeling the pinch, and first things first!
    We are weekly Mass attendees, having attended Holy Mass for many decades now. I am not understanding why, except denial, Catholics are still giving money to their diocese at all, and certainly not for any "appeal", which has been demonstrated to go to things most UN-Catholic! Come on Catholics, stop giving these men the opportunity to continue on being unaccountable for the sexual abuse, the cover-ups, the abuse of donations, the beach houses, the vacations, the boyfriends, etc.
    Time to close up your wallets and if they ask, tell them why. Tell them when they start practicing Catholicism again you'll give.
    The only thing we have they need is money. Money is #1 and PR is #2. We need to have more conviction about our faith. The other thing is, find a Latin Rite Mass in your area and GO. If you miss Catholicism, you'll find it there. If you want to give your faithful diocesan priest material support, pay a bill directly, give gift cards, volunteer, but don't give money that goes to the bishops and Rome. And don't give to all these "appeals". What they are doing with our money is not good for us, for the church, for the nation.

  2. What’s really depressing is when the faithful ignore the pleas and the diocese takes it directly from the church budget.

    1. Well, when the chancery stops ignoring us and more importantly, ignoring the fact that they serve the Chuch to save souls as opposed to progressive causes and lavish lifestyles, then we might give again. Until then, we will husband our donations judiciously.

  3. Fr. looked sad and said in lieu of his homily we would hear a message from Archbishop Gregory.

    1. Dymphna, is this a church other than Mother Seton in Germantown?


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