Monday, February 3, 2020

Super Bowl Half Time - More Sinister Than Raunchy

By now all have learned of the strip-tease vulgarity that was yesterday's Super Bowl half-time performance.  I myself didn't subject myself to it, but saw enough pictures to understand the pornographic nature of it.  I am not at all surprised that this happened, but am somewhat taken aback by two things.

First, I cannot fathom how some otherwise intelligent Catholics defended the obscene dancing, particularly the pole-dancing, as "art".  To whom were they pandering?  Or did they simply take leave of their common sense?  Those that did seem to be of the "pope Francis cannot do anything wrong because he's the pope" variety.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  Still, I cannot see how they gave the mockery of Christ's crucifixion a pass.

Second, I didn't realize just how replete with Masonic symbolism the show really was, but it makes total sense.  I have below a video to explain some of it.  Fair warning - the video does show some clips of the vile performance.

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  1. Didn't watch it live, was boycotting because of the 'Drag Queen' commercial. I did watch a tad bit of it just to get an idea of the extreme soft porn exhibition being talked about on YouTube. Didn't have to watch the entire slut show. Thanks for the video, I knew instinctively the Satanic element though. Not a surprise as this is what these Illuminati monsters are all about. I think the NFL should be permanently boycotted.


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