Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Breaking - Maryland Governor Hogan Permitting Drive-In Religious Services

The directive can be found here.  Note for Catholics - this does not allow for reception of Holy Communion, as physical contact with clergy is not allowed.  Still, it's a step back in the right direction.

It remains to be seen how the Roman Catholic prelates will implement this.  It's 7:20 pm as I write this, and I just learned of it.  It's quite possible that chancery staff haven't learned it or are just doing so after the workday.  Thus their websites are not updated yet.  Let's see how they respond to this tomorrow.

If they don't respond, or persist in disallowing Mass, there just might be Eastern Rite churches (in union with the pope) who will happily resume.

Now if we can just get the rest of the First Amendment back in force...

UPDATE - As of 5pm today, there is no acknowledgement of the April 1st directive on either of the archdiocesan websites.  It appears that they wish to pretend this new directive wasn't issued.


  1. Just a thought...maybe distribution of Holy Communion, into sanitized hands only, by masked Eucharistic ministers to people seated near the windows in their cars could be allowed.

  2. You sure it's not an April Fool's joke? I'm tempted to think that about everything the dioceses are doing these days. Every day seems to be April 1st.

    1. It's a sad thing when civil governments show more respect for the Faith than do our bishops.

  3. what of the faithful who don't have cars ?


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