Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Enough Of The Covid Cowardice!

I'm going to post this with just a bit of commentary, most of it directed towards Catholics who have glommed onto the "we gotta get with the shut-down and if you don't you're a murderer" gobblygoop.  Of course we will exercise reasonable precautions, such as washing our hands and staying home if we feel unwell.  However, if you think that we must close our chuirches and do without Sacraments, you have partaken of some strange kool-aid.  We need the Sacraments - real Saccraments and not some virtual counterfeit.  Babies wallowing in original sin, dying people without Extreme Unction - the depths of sacerdotal irresponsibility and yes, cowardice.  Enough!  Let's everyone man up (or woman up) and demand that our churches and our country get back on track.


  1. Spoke to some Catholic friends today, thinking I’d get a “hip-hip-hooray” over news of the huge protest in Harrisburg. Only to be told it’s foolish! “Now there will be 10,000 cases more of COVID”
    My friend suffers from bronchial issues & seemed all too happy w/government forcibly keeping everyone in their homes! I told her if I lived in PA, I’d be gladly joining to protestWolf & his mentally ill transgendered, child-molester sec the of health

    1. Do they realize that if our freedoms of religion and assembly are compromised, then so are other freedomes, like freedom of speech? I wonder how many Catholics are letting emotions trump logic and reason?


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