Monday, April 13, 2020

Tantrum Or Chastisement?

Remember how the pope said that the covid-19 pandemic was "nature's temper tantrum"?  Well, along the same lines, the Vatican News magazine (an official publication of the Vatican, by the way) published an article, written by a Jesuit (of course!) entitled "Corona: Earth's Unlikely Ally".  We now rely on the screenshot provided by LifeSiteNews for the magazine quickly pulled the article down.

The author suggested that the draconian restrictions under which many on the planet now live, owing to the pandemic, are proving to be of "benefit to the planet".  That sparked quite a backlash, particularly from bereaved relatives of the dead.  Therefore the Vatican pulled the article, most likely because of damage control only.  The Vatican must really believe the anti-human and anti-God crap, else they never would have published it.

But make no mistake.  The corona pandemic is a chastisement that we must all endure.  We see unmistakeable indications from the words that Our Lady spoke, both in Fatima and Akita.

In the video below, Fr Goring speaks directly to the idiocy spewing from the pope and the Vatician News, reminding us that we must offer repentance to Jesus Christ, and not some "mother earth" gaia idol.


  1. Amen Father, this message needs to get to ALL Catholics, because many of them don't understand how evil Pope Francis is and they still follow him. We should care about our brothers and sisters in Christ, we should continue to get this message out there, not just to the blogs that are our echo chambers, but to the wider Catholic mission field. This mission field is open to us all, and we should be comprising some points to make and resources, and encouraging our brothers and sisters to come to the truth, that is that this pope is primarily a Communist and certainly a pagan. Ask God to prepare their minds for this truth, as people will initially reject and recoil from it. Truth can be hard to accept. But give them facts, and let them come to it.
    God help us in these days, amen.

  2. The ecumenical and charismatic movements are diabolical as well. Fr. Goring?


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