Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Cardinal Pell Finally Receives Justice

Cardinal George Pell of Austrilia has been a thorn in the Vatican progressives' derrierres ever since he blew the lid off the deceipt of the 2014 Extraordinary Synod.  He was put in charge of investigating the mess of the Vatican finances when - shock of all shocks - mysterious charges of sexual abuse from decades past were brought against him.  Funny how that timing worked!

He went back to Austrilia, home of the kangaroo.  And that's just the kind of court that convicted him and sent him to jail for over a year.  He appealed up the chain and finally reach Austrilia's highest court.

Today came the happy news that Cardinal Pell's conviction was overturned and he is once again a free man.  There are times when common sense and justice prevails.  We rejoice while we suspect that there is no joy within the Vatican regarding this news.


  1. Praise God! Many never see justice in this life. I'm happy to see Cardinal Pell finally absolved of those ridiculous and unbelievable charges.

  2. Amen, and Amen to Mary Ann as well.
    Apparently the current Vatican machine is not quite as effective as some others we could name in dispensing with its enemies. Thank God for that.


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