Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Do Our Shepherds Believe In God At All?

How little is the regard that our prelates have for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Courtesy of Vox Cantoris, we learned that the pope thinks that people who dress up for Mass are "peacocks".  Peacocks?  We honor our Lord by how we dress!  Wouldn't any decent person put on best clothes for someone whom they hold in esteem?  I'm old enough to remember a concept known as "dressing in Sunday best"; that held true for people across the economic strata.  What would he say of Our Lord's teaching on the man who didn't wear a proper wedding garment (see Matthew 22:12)?   Would he have remonstrated with Our Lord for encouraging "peacock" behavior?

In New York recently, Church Militant got hold of video of Cardinal Dolan mocking the prayers of the faithful during Mass.  It seems he didn't realize his microphone was hot.  So now we know what he really thinks.  Here is the video.

Dolan isn't the only cardinal to denigrate the importance of prayer.  His fellow progressive prelate, Cupich of Chicago, in speaking of prayer during this pandemic, dismissed the importance of prayer.  Rather than rehash his blather, I'll link to LifeSiteNew's treatment of the same.  That puts his idolatry of this past January in context, when he officiated at a pagan ceremony.  I post that video below, lest the readers understandably believe that not even Cupich could stoop so low.  He can.

Many of us have been doing without Mass for over a month now.  We have been disappointed by so many bishops and their namby-pamby attitudes towards the civil authorities' unconstitutional power grab.  A few brave priests have been offering Mass in an "underground" fashion, much like the Catholic priests did in England during the persecutions of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.  Many of these priests were martyred when betrayed by false Christians.  In New Jersey, Cardinal Tobin has been doing preciselythat in assisting the New Jersey governor in cracking down on priests who are merely seeing to the spiritual needs of their flocks.

There is a rather obvious common mindset on display in the actions of the pope and three prominint US cardinals.  They have demonstrated that they just don't give a rip about Holy Mass or the spiritual lives of their flocks.  Pray for their repentance for they will have much for which they must answer when they meet Our Lord.


  1. Peacocks. Funny, but I once had a Pastor who, when asked, "Is it necessary to dress up for Mass?" answered, "Think of it this way...say you only have two or three different outfits to wear, wear your best. Always give God your best." God bless you and your loved ones!

  2. Generally agree with all your observations but your implied criticism of the "dragon" -- every culture is welcome in the Church, as Vatican II affirmed (Gaudium et spes) -- and I thought we learned from the "Chinese Rites Controversy" how not to lose a culture from the Church.

    1. If cultural practices involve idolatry, then they must be discarded. That goes for pachamama as well. That a Prince of the Church engaged in a pagan idolatrous ceremony is beyond appalling.

  3. My archbishop is saying that we cannot plan on attending Mass regularly again. This is a hard thing for this daily communicant. And as for dressing for Mass...well, you see "Sunday best" at the TLM but at many a novus ordo you see shorts, tank tops, old jeans, flip-flops, etc. which is not how you dress for the King. That 'come as you are' attitude is irreverent for the holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

  4. To answer your question: I don't think most do, only some.

  5. For once, Dolan's right....the Prayers of the Faithful are just another Novus Ordo creation that should be "skipped."


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