Friday, October 16, 2020

A Real Priest From Towson MD Speaking The Truth About The Presidential Elections

Father Edward Meeks was an Anglican priest prior to his reversion to the One True Church (raised a Catholic).  Upon his return he became founding pastor of Christ the King Church in Towson MD.  From what I gather, not only he and his wife converted, but the entire Anglican parish converted - hence he is a founding pastor of the new Catholic parish.

On October 11, he preached a homily about voting that was not ambiguous in the slightest degree.  He proclaimed the truth about the Democrats, the party of death.  It speaks for itself. 

I will add only one note to trolls of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and elsewhere.  Should his video come down for any reason whatsoever, I've downloaded it and will put it right back up very quickly.  No doubt other astute souls have taken that precaution.  So don't even bother, dear "katholyk" progressives!

With no further ado, Father Meeks.


  1. Absolute Truth which means absolute clarity. Thanks for sharing this gem! May God bless you and your family this day and always!

  2. An absolutely wonderful, courage, truth filled homily!! Congratulations Fr. Meeks! What a blessing you are to Christ, His Church and we sheep!
    Thank you!

  3. God bless you for preaching the truth. I will share this video with others

  4. I just finished listening to Father Meeks video concerning our upcoming election. I thought it was great. It's also time for our own churches, priests, Catholics, Christians, etc. to "get things together", and back on track. There is division here too...and why we are where we are today. It's time to restore people's faith in our religion and in our God.


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