Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Kudos To John Carroll School In Bel Air MD

 Take a look at the less-than-charming gal to the right.  Is that some Antifa thug getting ready to torch the car bearing the "Trump Pence" sticker?  Sure looks like it, doesn't it?  She doesn't look that much different than some of those "peaceful" little arsonists running amok smashing everything in sight.  

But no, she's not.  Her name is Najia Stallworth.  Until a few days ago, she taught history at John Carroll School in Bel Air, Maryland.  This picture, that her husband posted on Instagram, came across my Facebook feed.

Fresh from my rather unpleasant exchanges with school officials of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, I was preparing for yet another.  However, as I was researching the school on the internet, I was pleased to learn that the school administration had already done the right thing and fired her.  Apparently other faithful Catholics had already notified the school administration of this picture.  Political opinions aside, no sane person can gainsay that "flipping the bird" and posting that action on social media is conduct unbecoming a Catholic school teacher.

Please contact the administration of John Carroll School and thank them for taking prompt and appropriate action when they learned of this picture's existence.  One can bet that progressives are jumping all over them, and they could use some support from us.


  1. Why would someone all tatted up be hired in the first place? Marking up the body says something about a person...

    1. I see them only on her upper arms. They may well have been hidden during her initial interview and maybe during school hours. Who knows?

  2. Imagine what she was teaching the kids.


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