Friday, October 16, 2020

Sacrilege And Idolatry From Within The Catholic Hierarchy

Last week I wrote of the serious sex scandals that came to light in the Archdiocese of New Orleans.  I suspect they are related and that they are just two tips of a massive iceberg that lurks in that area.  Below I will post commentary from Taylor Marshall. But now, please be advised of another scandal, this from within Vatican City itself.

Vatican City is its own sovereign country.  Therefore it mints its own coinage. It recently released a 10-euro coin depicting a "mother earth" pagan idol on it.  I link to Church Militant's piece on it.  Mind you, this is where the Vicar of Christ is housed, along with the Church's central government.  One would expect its coinage to be, well, Catholic, with images of Our Lord or maybe the Blessed Mother or other saints.  But a pagan "earth worship" idol?  Since the pope is the head of state of Vatican City, we must surmise that this travesty was minted at his direction.  When I heard that, I immediately thought of the account in Matthew 22, when Jesus is showed the Roman coin and He said "render to Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God's."  Was this an ever-so-sly way of saying that allegiances in the Vatican are shifting?

So how are the New Orleans and the Vatican City situations related?  Quite simply, we are seeing actions taken by clergy of all levels, including the pope, taking what is sacred to God and literally turning them over to demons.  Both of these episodes are simply two occurrences of this profanation of our Holy Religion.  The "fruity patuiti" tome is yet another.  Within a day or two, more will be said on that.  Now for Marshall's commentary.

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