Sunday, October 4, 2020

Fruitti Tutti - Let The Penitential Slog Begin

The pope released his latest 45,000-word tome today.  It's called "Fratelli Tutti".  That link is to the English version on the Vatican website.  Others have already started to wade through it and their reports reveal it to be a hot mess of freemasonry, envirowhackosim, one-world government nonsense, etc.

In the third paragraph, the pope twists the narrative of St Francis of Assisi's meeting with the sultan.  He claims that the saint's "openness of heart..transcended differences of religion".  Nothing could be further from the truth.  He went to preach Jesus Christ and the One True Faith to the Moslems.  To understand that the Catholic Church is the One True Church is to acknowledge that other religions are false.  In paragraph 5, he sings the praises of his own lapse into religious indifferentism a few months ago.  Notice that the title of my post mentions the accolades that this blunder of the pope got from the masons.  There is much in Fruitti Tutti that is obviously masonic.

The next few paragraphs contain blather in vague language, but clear enough that one can detect the pope's detest of the free market system - a system that has actually lifted more people out of poverty than all the other sorts.

However, we get to paragraphs 37-41, where the pope adopts the progressive habit of conflating the topics of lawful immigration versus border-crashers.  This is patently dishonest.  To portray good people who are opposed to having to bear the financial brunt of border crashers as heartless xenophobes is nothing short of slanderous.

I am now just examining this thing and don't have time just now to read this entire verbose monstrosity.  I will return to this in future posts, but suggest you have a look for yourselves.  The link is in the first paragraph.  I will point out some highlights I noticed while I skimmed it.

  • Paragraphs 119-120 are a thinly-disguised attack on the concept of private property.  He fails - or refuses to see that the right to private property is an adjunct to the right to life itself.
  • Following those paragraphs we see an attack on the concept of national borders.
  • Paragraphs 172-173 are an attempt to insinuate the concept of one-world government.
  • Paragraph 263 repeats the erroneous call to end the death penalty.  Therefore it is heretical on its face, most likely rendering Fruitti Tutti to be heresy.
  • Chapter 8's title starts with "Religion at the Service of Fraternty.."  Stop right there!  That is NOT the purpose of religion - at least not the One True Religion.  Its purpose is to worship God and facilitate eternal salvation.  Fraternity can only come about when people are united in faith in Jesus Christ as revealed through His Church.  Anything else is a cheap, sentimental facade of the same.  But maybe there is a reason why "fraternity" is being elevated to the level of de facto idol!
Paragraph 103 starts a section entitled "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".  That phrase will send chills down the spine of anyone knowledgeable about modern history, namely, of the French revolution.  Its motto was Liberté, Unité, Égalité.  How many thousands went to the guillotine in the names of those so-called ideals?  Surely the pope and his ghost-writers cannot be so ignorant of that history, can they?  Or is the pope giving some tacit acknowledgment to freemasonry?  Even the masons themselves will acknowledge their role in the French Revolution. Recall how they applauded that agreement that the pope signed with the muslim leader a few months back.

As I meander through this verbose gobblygoop, I will have more to say.  Suffice it to say that we must continue to pray our Rosaries and beg Our Lady to join us as we intercede for the Church.


  1. What do you think of these sentences from the Fathers that Pope Francis quotes? Do you think these Fathers were Communists or Socialists?

    Saint John Chrysostom summarizes it in this way: “Not to share our wealth with the poor is to rob them and take away their livelihood. The riches we possess are not our own, but theirs as well”. In the words of Saint Gregory the Great, “When we provide the needy with their basic needs, we are giving them what belongs to them, not to us”.

    1. No doubt you noticed that these two Doctors of the Church made no provision for governments to meddle with our charitable duties!

  2. He is an antipope (per canon law) and worse, an heretic.

    1. No, I don't think so. But at some point every 500 years, we have the worst pope in 500 years, and it looks like that is what he is. Only God can see the state of his soul, but the state of his papacy is utter shambles. Maybe this is a divine correction to Catholics paying too little attention to Christ and too much to His vicar.

  3. As one who purports to be familiar with modern history, surely you should know that the French revolution motto was 'Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité'. It is plagiarized verbatim by Francis.


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