Saturday, October 17, 2020

Time Is Running Out. Eek. Eek.

 That is what the pope told some of his fellow envirowhackos last week.  This happened at a TEDx Countdown on Climate Change.  The conference happened virtually so at least the attendants didn't make flaming hypocrites of themselves by flying in on their gas-guzzling private jets to kvetch about climate change, carbon footprint, yada-yada.

The bunch convened to present "cutting-edge science" and (are you ready for this?) "moments of wonder and inspiration".  This eminently-qualified cadre of (ahem!) experts include such luminaries as (from the Standard article) "scientists, climate activists, actors, singers, poets, politicians and comedians" (Emphasis mine).  Excluse me, but just what in hades do entertainers know about real science?  Have any of the Hollywood wonks ever worked a real job in their lives?  Why on earth should anyone listen to entertainers more than they would the grocery store clerk or the trash man?

At any rate, we are supposed to "act urgently" and to "rethink many things about the economy" because time is running out, you see?  This is nothing more than a cheap ploy for socialism.  

If the pope were really concerned that "time is running out", might he not put some emphasis on getting people to convert to the One True Faith, leaving behind all manners of sin - especially those mortal sins against life and God's plan for sexuality and family life? That's where he should be spending the bulk of his energies, not on this progressive, one-world-order nonsense.

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