Saturday, October 3, 2020

Bringing The Truth Home To Biden's Bishop And Actions For You To Take

 That title should be taken literally, for that is what several area pro-life activists, led by Randall Terry, did yesterday (Fri Oct 2).  They confronted the Bishop of Delaware outside his home in Wilmington DC and advised him, among other things, that he was placing his own soul in peril by not doing his solemn duty as a shepherd to Joe Biden's soul.  Catholic moral theology lists nine ways that one can participate in another's sin, even if they don't do the main deed.  They are listed here.  If nothing else, we can see that Malooly is cooperating with Biden's numerous public mortal sins by his silence.  Terry even rebukes him for that.

This sort of activism is a step in which everyone must be willing to engage - no exceptions!

With that said, I now advise those in the DC-MD vicinity of two public prayer and protest efforts to occur next weekend.  With the election drawing near and the Trumps now ill with Covid, it is all the more incumbent to pray and intercede publicly before our Lord.

The first, a Rosary Rally, will happen in Annapolis on Saturday Oct 10, starting at noon.near the State House area, on College Avenue at St John's College.  Free parking is in the Calvert St garage.  This Rosary Rally is one of the thousands that will happen concurrently as part of a nationwide prayer effort by America Needs Fatima.  We most certainly do need to heed the message of Fatima.

The second happens the next day, Sunday Oct 11.  It is the National Rosary Rally sponsored by the Holy League.  It will start at 2:30pm at St Peter's on Capitol Hill, with a Rosary procession to Union Square, west of the Capitol.  More details, including a list of speakers, can be found here. For those in other areas of the United States, please check here for a Rosary Rally in your area

Please make every effort to attend at least one of these public Rosaries in your area, by checking the two websites.  At the very least, please be praying your daily Rosaries as requested by Our Lady of Fatima, for the protection of Christian civilization.

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