Sunday, May 30, 2021

Baltimore Catholic Review Salutes Pro-Gay Activism Of Local Priest

Several priests in the Archdiocese of Baltimore have retired, including the renegade priest Father Joseph Muth.  Recall that his retirement wasn't entirely voluntary; Archbishop Lori asked for his retirement, and for ample reason.  The Catholic Review sang the praises of these new retirees, Father Muth among them.   I thought that the Review, being the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, might have the good sense not to mention the gay pandering of Father Muth throughout the years.  After all, to have a priest actually herding his all-too-willing sheep on the their way to hell is not exactly worthy of praise.  It speaks ill of the Review, and perhaps the Archdiocese of Baltimore itself, that they would choose to celebrate Father Muth's promotion of mortal sin.

Baltimore Catholics, would not "letters to the editor" be in order?  I suspect that the Review is at least partially funded by the Archdiocese of Baltimore: in other words, by your contributions.  Do you want your contributions used to affirm mortal sin?   On the Review's page, I saw no provision for letter submission, so I'd suggest that you send yours to  Not only Baltimore Catholics, but all faithful Catholics should protest this travesty.  Here is my letter to the editor. 

Dear Editor, I read with disappointment Christopher Gunty’s all-too-glowing article regarding the retirement of Father Joseph Muth.  It’s understandable that when highlighting the career of a retiring priest, that the Archdiocese would wish to laud his legitimate accomplishments.  However, his activity for the mortal sin of homosexual conduct is  not among those accomplishments.  He validated so-called “gay couples” in their mortal sin.  Time and again, he led a contingent of St Matthew’s parishioners in Baltimore’s “gay pride” parade, while carrying a St. Matthew’s banner.  The list of scandalous behaviors could go on. 

Gundy’s article says that he provided “welcome” for gay people.  May I remind you that Holy Mother Church has always provided that welcome?  She has always welcomed not only homosexual people but others also embroiled in mortal sins such as murder, drunken behavior, theft, etc.  That welcoming has always been accomplished through the Sacrament of Confession, when those in mortal sin foreswear their sinful conduct.  Mr Gundy and most likely others of the Review staff seem to approve of homosexual conduct; in so voicing that approval, they commit their own sin and most likely could benefit from a visit to a confessional themselves.

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  1. Christopher Gunty was the liberal editor of the Florida Catholic for years and before that of the Catholic Sun in Phoenix where he covered for Bishop O'Brien. Gunty's wife is Ann Augerton, editor of the Arlington Catholic Herald, also a liberal. Is it any wonder that diocesan newspapers are so pathetic in their devotion to sodomitical priests?


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