Wednesday, May 12, 2021

US Bishops Can't Be Bothered As God Is Publicly Insulted

Two troubling events happened this past week.  First, on May 6, President Biden addressed a gathering that commemorated the National Day of Prayer.  Usually, when we speak of prayer, we speak of approaching Our Lord.  Therefore, we'd hope that any address given during that gathering would touch upon that aspect of prayer.  That didn't happen.  For the first time in US history, a US president gave a talk at the National Day of Prayer without so much as mentioning God once.  The internet was ablaze with this news.  Below I will post Franklin Graham's reaction to that travesty.

Two days later in Alberta Canada, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, with Dawid Pawloski, was arrested while on the road from a church service that he had just conducted.  His high crime and misdemeanor?  "Inciting" people to attend a church service.  Yes, the thugs used the word "inciting".  He already had to deal with police barging into his church during services.  I have the video of that altercation below.

A fair amount of outrage (not enough, in my humble opinion) has been generated by these two acts of official disregard for God.  Yet the Catholic prelates of both countries (United States and Canada) have uttered nary a peep regarding these two matters.  Whatever happened to bishops acting like bishops, to standing up for Our Lord against de facto tyrants?  Your Excellencies, we await your answers. Meanwhile, we will salute these two Protestant pastors (Graham and Pawlowski) who act more Catholic than you.


  1. So poor old Joe, he's not responsible for being the first president ever to speak about the National Day of Prayer and leave God out entirely. Poor old Joe, we mustn't get annoyed with him, he's just a kindly old grandfather who made a little faux pah, he didn't mean it. Some speechwriter wrote it and he probably didn't even read it. Surely if he had this rabidly pro-abort president would have demanded that God be included. Poor old Joe, he's wrecking the country, but, don't say he's responsible for it. He's just a kindly old man who is pulling us apart in 1000 ways. Nobody's responsible for anything anymore.

  2. FYI, readers who use Firefox can no longer get to your page; GOOGLE blacklisted it as a "deceptive site" that could steal credit card numbers, yada.

    Same with mine, of course.

    All the blogs are Roman Catholic-oriented, surprise!!

    1. That's odd. I can pull up my blog on my firefox and I'm not signed into it on that browser. Any other readers have issues?

  3. Mentioned this to another friend; the attack was neutered in about 1-2 hours or so.


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