Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Prominent Jesuits Attempt To Obfuscate Clear Teaching Regarding Worthiness To Receive Holy Communion

Yes, the bishops are trying to fenagle some way to allow prominent pro-abortion Catholics to receive Holy Communion - politicians such as President Biden and Nancy Pelosi, for example.  Archbishop Gomez advised the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that they (US bishops) were planning to discuss the matter.  

These days, however, the CDF is headed by a Jesuit - Cardinal Luis Ladaria, to be specific.  He wrote back, stating that it would be "misleading" to present abortion and euthanasia as "the only grave matters of Catholic moral and social teaching that demand the fullest level of accountability on the part of Catholics".  Once again, by this current crowd infesting the Vatican, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is being slapped in the face as his clear directive "Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion: General Principles" is being directly contradicted.  In that, Benedict states that abortion and euthanasia are always grave sins, while in the third section, he states that those who differ on matters such as capital punishment can still consider themselves eligible to receive Holy Communion.  On those matters there may (and often are) legitimate difference of opinions - not so with abortion and euthanasia.

Ladaria suggests that unless the bishops are unanimous on their stance, these matters could be causes of "discord rather than unity".  Well, yes, dissent on matters of inherent evils and the absolute requirement to obey Canon 915 are problems, but not because they make visible the lack of obedience of Our Lord by some bishops.  Where evil exists, not only will there be disunite, but in these situations, disunity is necessary.  As a wise saying goes, "it's better to be divided over the truth than united in a lie".

So what does Ladaria suggest?  Why, dialogue, of course!  Lots and lots of dialogue!  These poor little bumpkin politicians just need a good sit-down!  Of course that's nonsense!  These pro-aborts are running the country (and I daresay the Vatican).  They know very well what the Church teaches - they simply could not care less!

The America article paraphrases Ladaria with the phrase "don't rush the debate".  Truth be told, there is no debate.  One either obeys the teaching of the Church that have been handed down through the centuries, in this case as encapsulated in Canon 915, or they put themselves in disobedience.  This is a battle that is heating up, and I will post more on this later.

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