Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Father Altman's Vocation Threatened By His Bishop - Action Needed

Almost two weeks ago, Father James Altman was interviewed by Church Militant.  The video is below.  In that video, Father excoriates the bishops for their dereliction of duty on account of the covid-hysteria.  Please note that at the 10:00 mark, Father praises his own bishop, William Callahan of La Crosse (WI) for at least staying open.  In other words, he contrasts his bishop to the other US bishops.  Might this have made Callahan so uncomfortable that he felt compelled to kick Father Altman to the curb in order to get back in good graces with his bishop-buddies?

On Friday, May 21, Bishop Callahan relieved Father Altman of his priestly duties and asked for his resignation.  His final Mass at St. James the Less Parish was two days later - Pentecost Sunday.  Below is his homily from that Mass.  Callahan is accusing Altman of being "divisive and ineffective".  Could Callahan possibly be more ambiguous and nebulous about those charges?  I applaud Father for initiating a canonical challenge to that bogus charge.

So what can we do, besides prayer, which we should all be doing anyway?  Phone calls, emails, and letters are necessary to these two individuals.   First, contact the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States.  His contact information is given here.  Let them know politely but firmly that it is Bishop Callahan who should be disciplined for trying to get one of his priests sacked for simply telling the truth and providing the Sacraments to his flock.  Second, contact Bishop Callahan himself.  He needs to be rebuked for how he is treating Father Altman.  He needs to be reminded that he is a bishop who must answer for the manner in which he carries out (or fails to, as the case may be) his sacred duties.  Lastly, those in the Diocese of La Crosse can advise their bishop that they will no longer contribute their hard-earned money to someone intent on destroying the vocation of a good priest.

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  1. He's toast. The Bishop has all of the cards in his hands.


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