Friday, May 21, 2021

Pope Francis Mocks His Duty To Guard The Deposit Of Faith

First, lest truth-deniers charge me with taking remarks out of context, here is the homily in which the heretical statement occurred; note that this is the Vatican's own site.  For centuries, it has always been understood that one of the chief responsibilities of the Pontiff is to guard the Deposit of Faith - that is, the dogmas and doctrines that are the revealed will of Christ.  I regret that the pope, in using the words "guardians of doctrine and dogma", that he knew that he was undermining the mandate laid upon him.  As Marshall points out later in the video, he may well not believe that there really is immutable dogma.  

We got more than a hint of that in my previous post, where he yammers about "culture of encounter".  Well, encounter with what?  We never get a clear answer on that, but we do know it has to do with some idea of "utopia" that is rooted in various evil paradigms.

We need to double down on our Rosaries and pray for a pope who will be a true shepherd of Catholic souls.  I truly hope this pope finds that grace of conversion.  If not, I pray for a speedy replacement, as too many souls are at stake.

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